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Assistance to develop basic health needs (grooming, feeding, elimination, communication, clothing, mobilization ...) or other interventions (shopping, cooking, drug management ...).


Aid after a surgical intervention, hospital discharge, injury or illness, to facilitate the progressive reincorporation to the tasks of daily life.


Maternity care, babies and children. Help for incorporation into activities of daily living, health education, and personalized counseling.


VoluRemain close to the person to prevent them from feeling lonely, or to promote rest for the formal caregiver; at home, hospital or residences. Recreational activities. Accompany on outings to the street and walks.


Cures for pressure ulcers and chronic wounds; Healing of surgical wounds, and removal of sutures; Administration of drugs by different routes; Care of catheter probes, ostomies and drains; Bandages; Oxygen therapy. Instruction in the use and maintenance of different devices, as well as in the recognition of complications and warning signs; Taking and monitoring of vital signs, blood glucose, etc.


Psychology, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Occupational Therapy, Social Worker, Speech Therapy, Medicine, Physical trainer, ...

User training

First Aid, Healthy Habits, Relaxation Techniques

Training of professionals

UPP care, Oxygen therapy care, Basic life support (SVB) + DESA, Care for the caregiver, Relaxation techniques, Ostomy care, Techniques and care for bandages, Care for catheters, drains and catheterizations, etc

Business Formation

Basic Life Support (SVB) + DESA, Relaxation Techniques, First Aid.

Sanitary material

Wheelchairs, Crutches, Walkers, Anti-decubitus mattresses, Medicine cabinets, Others.


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